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Vhong Navarro's rape case blown to pieces? Video from CCTV shows what happened

Vhong Navarro’s rape case takes a drastic turn after the surveillance cameras at the condo complex are reviewed by authorities. It seems that Deniece Cornejo’s story now has holes in it as the CCTV footage tends to backup Navarro’s story, according to the Rappler on Jan. 29.

Vhong Navarro's rape case takes a turn as CCTV shows who is lying and it's not the celebrity!

Cornejo claims that Navarro tried to rape her at her condo, but luckily her friends happened by and pulled him off of her. The friends then made a citizen’s arrest and dragged him to the nearest police station where Cornejo signed a complaint of attempted rape.

Navarro, who is in the hospital with injuries that he received, in what he claims was a beating by six men that were waiting for him at Cornejo’s apartment, denies her claim.

He was invited for dinner by Cornejo and when he showed up two men with guns came out of her room. Then there was a group of six men altogether that beat him. He claimed the person who acted as ring leader was prominent Philippines businessman, Cedric Lee.

The authorities have watched the CCTV footage from Cornejo's condo, which offers “glaring evidence” that disproves the rape attempt against Navarro. The National Bureau of Investigation announced on Wednesday, Jan. 29, that the evidence does not support Cornejo’s account. It supports what Navarro has said all along.

Now it is up to the Department of Justice to decide if this evidence from the CCTV gives Navarro’s account merit over Cornejo’s account of the events that happened that night.
On Tuesday, Jan. 28, the NBI filed a series of charges against Cornejo and the 7 others who were allegedly involved in the beating of Navarro.

The people charged by the NBI are, Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Bernice "Marie" Lee, Ferdinand Guerrero, alias Mike, and two others, who were unidentified in NBI papers.

All seven were charged with serious illegal detention, serious physical injuries, grave threats, grave coercion, unlawful arrest, and threatening to publish and offer to prevent such publication for a compensation.

Cornejo’s claim that her friends arrived and found Navarro on top of her is not substantiated in the video footage. The tape shows Navarro arriving and Cornejo leaving her room as soon as he got there. She returned several minutes later with Cedric Lee. This shows that her claim of her friends finding Navarro naked on top of her to be false.

It does show that Navarro’s side of the story of Cornejo leaving as soon as he got there to be true. Then two men came out of her room and pointed a gun at him.

It looks like Navarro was set up like he was claiming all along. Apparently this group, who tried to extort money from Navarro had their plan backfire on them. They didn’t count on the CCTV catching every move they made apparently.

This was done as extortion claimed Navarro, as he was directed by these men who beat him to deposit $1 million in a bank account. They videotaped the beating they gave Navarro and they took his shorts off while doing so. They also sexually assaulted him, Navarro claimed. They said if he didn’t put the money in the bank account, they’d release the video to the media.

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