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Vhong Navarro's rape accusers under 'be on the lookout' order from DOJ

Vhong Navarro's rape accusers cannot leave the country and they have a "be on the lookout" order on them.
Vhong Navarro's rape accusers cannot leave the country and they have a "be on the lookout" order on them.

Vhong Navarro’s rape accuser and the prominent businessman involved in what now looks like a set-up of Navarro are the subjects of Department of Justice lookout orders. The Bureau of Immigration was ordered to be on lookout for a “possible departure” of Navarro’s accusers, according to Entertainment Inquirer on Jan. 30.

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima was the one to pass down this order. which includes Deniece Cornejo, the 22-year-old girl who accused Navarro of trying to rape her, businessman Cedric Lee, who Navarro fingered as the ring leader. Lee’s sister Bernice, Ferdinand Guerrero and Zimmer Rance were also included in this lookout order.

Vhong Navarro on video: Didn't have time for Deniece Cornejo's version says NBI

This order was issued at the request of the National Bureau of Investigation. De Lima ordered Immigration Chief Siegred Milson to:

“Promptly relay to the Office of the Secretary, this Department (DOJ), to the Office of the Prosecutor General [Claro Arellano] and to the National Bureau of Investigation any pertinent information, especially those tending to indicate that the subject individuals are attempting to leave the country, and in order to obtain updates as to the status of their case and other relevant information that may be the basis for the proper course of action to be taken by the immigration officer.”

Vhong Navaro case: More holes in story as Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee speak out

This is quite the turnaround of events when only last weekend Cornejo was quoting the bible on her Facebook page suggesting that Navarro tell the truth. He was and continues to deny any sexual advance made toward Cornejo, who is accusing him of attempted rape.

When the NBI reviewed the CCTV video from her condo complex, where this rape supposedly took place, they found that the events seen in the video did not support her claims. They actually supported Navarro’s claim that he was setup by Cornejo who attempted to extort money from him. As part of that extortion scheme, Navarro claims that the men in the video had beat him, which landed him in the hospital.

Vhong Navarro's rape case blown to pieces? Video from CCTV shows what happened

This Philippine celebrity said that during the beating he was ordered by these men to deposit $1 million in a bank account. They said if he didn’t, that a video they had taken of the beating, in which they took off his shorts and sexually harassed him, would be given to the media.

Navarro said he decided to be brave and face these people face on. He told his side of the story to the media.

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