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Vhong Navarro riddled with guilt as girlfriend Tanya Winona stands by his side

Vhong Navarro has had Tanya Winona stand by him through the Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee accusations that he raped Cornejo.
Vhong Navarro has had Tanya Winona stand by him through the Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee accusations that he raped Cornejo.

Vhong Navarro’s longtime girlfriend, Tanya Winona, has been dealing with Navarro being accused of raping Deniece Cornejo, quietly and out of the public eye. While the National Bureau of Investigation has dismissed the possibility of Navarro raping Deniece Cornejo, another woman has now jumped in and accused Navarro of raping her, according to The on Feb 21.

Winona has stood by Navarro through the Cornejo rape accusations, reports The Epoch Times. Now the woman who is kept out of the public eye by Navarro himself has another round of accusations to weather.

Knowing that her boyfriend did not rape Cornejo, she has stood by her man. Even knowing that Navarro previously cheated on her with Cornejo, she still did not kick him to the curb. This is something that Navarro not only thanks her for, but his guilt has him constantly telling her how sorry he is to have cheated on her with Cornejo.

This latest rape charge by an unnamed woman was filed on Wednesday this week. If Winona has made it this far by Navarro side, chances are she'll be alright as he deals with this newest charge, which appears trumped up to many. The woman is accusing Navarro of raping her back in 2010. The latest rape accuser supposedly met Navarro when the two were working on a TV show together.

The lawyers for Navarro think this latest rape charge is just conjured up by the camp of Cedric Lee and Cornejo. The lawyers believe that this first of others to come. Will Navarro now have to weather a line of rape charges and will Winona stand behind him through this latest development and the others to come if his lawyer’s assumptions are correct?

Navarro barely says a word about his girlfriend, other than he purposely keeps her out of the public eye because she is not in show business like he is, she works behind the scenes as a writer. He did say she's stood by him during an interview from his hospital bed while recuperating from the beating that Lee and a half of dozen other man bestowed on him at Cornejo’s condo.

Navarro said, “She did not abandon me.” She believed Navarro the entire time that he did not try to rape Cornejo. The television celebrity did admit that he “wronged” his girlfriend by engaging in sexual activities with Cornejo, he said that the two had engaged in sexual activities on a previous date.

He said “I have done nothing wrong to Deniece, only to my girlfriend.’

It stands to reason Navarro wasn’t looking to just play a game of cards when he headed over to Cornejo’s house that night. This is very forgiving of his girlfriend, especially after it was made public that he did engage in sexual activity before the night she claimed that he raped her.

Winona is a writer, she met Navarro when he was in one of the movies that she co-wrote the screenplay for. She never left his side while he was in the hospital recuperating from that horrific attack for which he needed facial surgery for. She choose not to punish Navarro for his cheating by leaving, instead she put all her energy in trying to get him feeling better.

Navarro's guilt about cheating on Winona has hit him hard and sources close to the actor said he is constantly telling his girlfriend how sorry he is for getting hooked up with Cornejo in the first place, according to Tsapsuy. The website refers to Tanya Winona as being "selfless" through this entire ordeal.

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