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Vhong Navarro on video: Didn't have time for Deniece Cornejo's version says NBI

Vhong Navarro is the victim of a beating and not the suspect of a rape case. Navarro, a celebrity from the Philippines was accused of an attempted rape of Deniece Cornejo. This accusation was emphatically denied from the beginning by Navarro. He said he was set-up and beaten by a group of men at Cornejo's condo. The National Bureau of Investigation denounces the possibility of a rape taking place after viewing the evidence, according to the Entertainment Inquirer on Jan. 29.

Vhong Navarro didn't have time to do what Deniece Cornejo accuses the celebrity of doing, attempting to rape her.

This is what has come out of the preliminary investigation by the NBI. Seven suspects of the beating, which put Navarro in the hospital, were subpoenaed to court on Thursday. None of suspects in the beating case of Navarro showed for the NBI meeting today, but they did send legal representation, according to GMA News on Jan. 30.

The suspects were represented by a few different lawyers, but Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee and his sister, Bernice Lee were represented by the same lawyer, Attorney Argel Magtiby of the Calleja Law Offices. The other four people named on the Department of Justice complaint sent their attorneys to the NBI meeting. There are seven people in all who are now the suspects in the beating case of Navarro.

Vhong Navarro is apparently telling the truth, as the National Bureau of Investigation discounts Deniece Cornejo’s version of the attempted rape. Navarro has said all along that he was being set up and the CCTV video from the condo complex, where the rape was said to take place, shows evidence that there was no attempted rape.

“Attempt to rape is not possible,” according to NBI Assistant Regional Director Vincent De Guzman after the video taken from the condo’s CCTV was reviewed. The time-line account of what was seen on the video is what the NBI has based their decision on.

Here is the timeline from the CCTV Video reviewed for the Vhong Navarro rape case:

(You can view the full video above.)

• 10:38 p.m. – Navarro enters the condo complex lobby wearing shorts, blue polo shirt and a bull cap.

• 10:40 – Cornejo goes through the lobby and out of the building

• 10:41 – Cedric Lee is seen entering the lobby of the condo.

• 10:43:08 – Ferdinand Guerrero enters the lobby of the condo with an unidentified man. Guerrero is the one in the white shirt and glasses. He is one of the men named in the Department of Justice complaint for the beating of Navarro.

• 10:43:26 – Cornejo is seen entering the lobby.

• 10:48 – A man named “Mike” enters the condo lobby. He is with another man named in the Department of Justice complaint.

• 10:56 – Bernice, who is Cedric’s sister enters the lobby.

• 11:10 – Cedric Lee, Bernice, Deniece and five men escort Navarro inside the elevator.

Cornejo gave a statement at the police department saying that Navarro was on top of her trying to rape her when her friends walked in. The video shows Navarro walking into Cornejo's apartment and she immediately walks out, not allowing anytime for what she reported. You would think that with such an elaborate set-up of Navarro someone would have taken the CCTV cameras into consideration.

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