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Vhong Navarro gets bizarre plea from Deniece Cornejo: Victim role a hard sell

Deniece Cornejo won't back down from her claim that Vhong Navarro attempted to rape her despite evidence that shows her account of the story was impossible.
Deniece Cornejo won't back down from her claim that Vhong Navarro attempted to rape her despite evidence that shows her account of the story was impossible.
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Deniece Cornejo is still holding on to that claim that Vhong Navarro attempted to rape her, but two of the more well-known women's groups won't support Cornejo. She is still presenting as a rape victim making a plea over the weekend for Navarro to come clean with the truth, but evidence shows she wasn't telling the truth about the events surrounding the rape.

Usually in a rape case these women's groups rally behind the victim, but when both groups were asked about the Vhong Navarro alleged rape case, both conveyed that they "won't support Deniece in rape case." according to Phil Star on Feb 3.

No one from Cornejo's camp has approached either group and asked for their support, but Tannggol Bayi would not touch Cornejo's case if approached by the camp or not. The women's group Gabriela said they are keeping their hands off Cornejo's case. If they are approached by her camp, they would assess the situation, but their take on it today is they "will cross that bridge if it comes to that."

Cornejo went on TV again this weekend saying that by Navarro not owning up to the rape, he is hurting other rape victims. She just will not back down from these accusations. She went as far as telling him by not coming clean about the rape he will "fear a second life in hell."

Deniece Cornejo denies oral sex with Vhong Navarro week before beating

The women's groups tend to back disadvantaged victims and Cornejo and all the "actors" in this issue have the means at their disposal to defend themselves to the public and the courts, conveys Cristina Palaby of Tanggol Bayi. They want to give their support to victims who are voiceless in such a case and ones that "deserve our unequivocal support," said Palabay.

The beautiful Philippine model, Deniece Cornejo, insists that Navarro, a celebrity in the Philippines, attempted to rape her. She claimed to have witnesses who walked in on Navarro on top of her, he was naked she said. Backing her is the influential Philippine businessman, Cedric Lee.

Vhong Navarro won't be left alone: Beating messed him up, he is still recovering

The account of this alleged attempted rape that both Cornejo and Lee gave were found false by the video footage that was recorded on the CCTV camera at Cornejo's condo complex. Navarro's account was that he was invited to Cornejo's place and beaten as part of a extortion scheme. The NBI reviewed the CCTV video and they believe it supports Navarro's account of the night and at the same time shows that Cornejo and Lee were not telling the truth.

Check out the raw video footage of the CCT camera here.

Now that Cornejo, Lee and five other people are facing several charges for what they did to Navarro the night of his beating. Cornejo and Lee have still not rescinded their claims publicly, even with the evidence piled high against their claims.

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