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Vhong Navarro death threats: Probe of police actions on night Navarro beaten

Vhong Navarro getting death threats and a man has been seen roaming around the area of his home.
Vhong Navarro getting death threats and a man has been seen roaming around the area of his home.
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Vhong Navarro is getting death threats and an unidentified man showed up at his home and asked to open the gate as Navarro’s story continues in the global headlines of the media. Deniece Cornejo accused Navarro of rape and her story was backed by the influential Philippine businessman, Cecil Lee.

Navarro accused Deniece Cornejo and Cedric Lee of concocting rape allegations as part of an extortion scheme, which included the threats of killing his family, according to Entertainment Inquirer on Jan, 31.

The celebrity is receiving anonymous text messages, which contain threats against Navarro’s life, his lawyer reports. Attorney Dennis Manalo also reported that after Vhong appeared on TV to talk about the mauling incident, this is when an unknown man appeared at his residence asking to be let in.

Navarro was brought to the police station the night he was beaten by these men and Cornejo filed a formal complaint of attempted rape against him. Navarro's camp has raised concerns on the alleged protocol violation committed by some members of the Southern Police District when Navarro was brought to the station and asked to sign the complaint.

“We were informed they have started to look into it and see if there was any violation on the part of the SPD, with regard to treatment and reporting of persons who have been involved in a crime,” said Manalo.

Now the top authorities will review the procedures when Navarro was at the station to determine if there was any violations of procedure or the protocols by some of the members of the Southern Police District.

This is a concern because of the threats against Navarro, extra police patrols in the area were requested. There are more reports of a man being seen around the area of Navarro's home and while they don't think Navarro needs to hire personal protection as of yet, they will count on the police to keep an eye out in the neighborhood, according to GMA today.

Cornejo and Lee reported that Navarro attempted to rape Cornejo and Lee walked in with a few friends and stopped him. The CCTV video from Cornejo’s condo, where the incident was said to take place, showed that Cornejo’s and Lee’s account of attempted rape was impossible.

Vhong Navarro on video: Didn't have time for Deniece Cornejo's version says NBI

Navarro and Cornejo were alone for all of maybe two minutes inside the condo. Lee walked into the condo with Cornejo, so he couldn’t have walked in on Navarro attempting to rape her.

The CCTV video supported Navarro's account of the incidents that night, which was he was beaten by a group of seven people in Cornejo's condo. He claims that he was beaten and then stripped naked and videoed while he was made to say at gunpoint that he raped his friend, (Cornejo).

Then this group threatened to go to the media with this video and they also threatened to kill his family unless he deposited $1million in a bank account. They then made a citizens arrest and carted the beaten Navarro off to the police station for Cornejo to file an official complaint of attempted rape.

Vhong Navarro's rape case blown to pieces? Video from CCTV shows what happened

Now the celebrity isn’t feeling safe, as he is the one being threatened today. Both Cornejo and Lee deny extorting money from Navarro. Lee and Cornejo, along with the others that Navarro accuses of beating him now have charges against them and they are the subject of a National Bureau of Investigation probe. They also have a “be on the lookout” posted with the Department of Immigration” in case they try to leave the country.

Their alleged scheme of extorting money from the well-known celebrity appears to have blown up in their face thanks to the CCTV video footage.

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