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Vhong Navarro case: Tony Calvento talks about Tyrone Ong & Cedric Lee's luck

Tony Calvento, Vhong Navarro
Tony Calvento, Vhong Navarro
video screenshot

The brave Filipino journalist is still giving important updates in the Vhong Navarro case this morning, March 7, 2014, based on his latest Facebook post, Cedric Lee, together with his business partner Tyrone Ong, is now facing a lot of problems. According to him, the formidable tandem team of Lee and Ong is now starting to show cracks on the walls and they will be very busy defending themselves in court.

Based on his latest Facebook post, Tyrone Ong has already been charged with attempted murder along with 11 others for the failed attempt in the ambush of Deputy Director Reynaldo Esmeralda in 2012 while Cedric Lee is facing criminal and libel charges filed by Vhong Navarro. Just minutes after reading his post, his followers have immediately posted their reactions on the issue, and as expected most of them are castigating the two for their offense.

Incidentally, Vhong is now fully recovered. His come back in the hit noontime variety show is still hot topic in print and social media. There are reports saying that he will be seen on the show next week, but as of this time, his mother network, ABS-CBN, the most admired media company in the Philippines is still keeping its silence regarding the issue despite the circulation of the reports confirming his come back.

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