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Vhong Navarro case: Tony Calvento says Deniece Cornejo committed suicide

Deniece Cornejo, Vhong Navarro
Deniece Cornejo, Vhong Navarro
YouTube/video screenshot/ABS-CBN Online

Just this evening, July 13, 2014 (Manila time) or this morning, July 13, 2014 (U.S. time), Tony Calvento, one of the brave Filipino journalist and avid supporter of actor-TV host Vhong Navarro in his battle for truth and justice against Cedric Lee and his men, updated his official Facebook page. Based on his updated post, Deniece Cornejo, who is now in the custody of the CIDG, had allegedly tried to commit suicide.

According to Tony, Deniece committed suicide by slashing her wrists to protest the resolution of the Taguig Prosecutor and the approval of the City Prosecutor for dismissing the rape case she filed which allegedly happened on Jan. 17, almost a week before Vhong Navarro was allegedly tortured, extorted and beaten up by Cedric Lee and six others. Tony Calvento added that Deniece Cornejo’s grandmother immediately went to the CIDG center where the part time model-actress is currently detained.

Two days ago, a report regarding the dismissal of Deniece Cornejo’s second rape complaint circulated online; according to the report, there was no rape took place in the evening of Jan. 17. While Deniece Cornejo was allegedly committed suicide due to the resolution of the court favoring the actor-TV host Vhong Navarro, some of the netizens who are following this controversial case were celebrating and congratulating the “It’s Showtime” host for his victory.

In his humble way, Vhong responded to the netizens who congratulated him, he thanked all of them while hosting the popular noontime variety show. Vhong became the talk of the town when he came out and revealed on “Buzz Ng Bayan” that he was a victim of Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz and six others involved in the mauling incident. Zimmer, Cedric and Deniece Cornejo are already in jail while Ferdinand Guerrero, Jed Fernandez, JP Calma, Edgardo Sampana remain at large despite the manhunt operation launched by the NBI and PNP.