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Vhong Navarro case: Tony Calvento reveals previous job of Deniece Cornejo

Deniece Cornejo
Deniece Cornejo
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Deniece Cornejo has already stopped talking about her case publicly. She has become silent after the Court of Appeals issue. Together with Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee and Zimmer Raz, Deniece Cornejo decided to elevate the cases filed by actor-TV host Vhong Navarro to the Court of Appeals just to stop the hearings being conducted by the three-man panel of the Department of Justice. Today, March 26, 2014, she is in the headline again because of some issues regarding her previous job at Room 526, one of the high-end bars in the metro.

Based on the posted photos of Mr. Tony Calvento on his official Facebook page, Deniece was one of the waitresses at Room 526. The issue was already tackled by Buzz Ng Bayan host Boy Abunda several weeks ago, but it has failed to get the attention of the viewing public due to lack of evidence.

That was almost a month and a half ago, but today, because of several photos which was posted online by Mr. Calvento, Deniece is receiving mix reactions from the netizens. They are debating. Some are saying that working in a bar or in a club is not a crime while others believe that working in that particular place is something that a person should not be proud of. On the part of Mr. Tony Calvento who posted and revealed Ms. Cornejo's previous job in a bar, working in that area is still acceptable as long as your intention is clear.

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