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Vhong Navarro case: Sajid Fernandez, J.P. Calma have the same alibi

Vhong Navarro's perpetrators
Vhong Navarro's perpetrators
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The cases filed by Vhong Navarro against Cedric Lee and his men are considered hot items in print and social media today, March 7, 2014. In his counter-affidavit, Sajed Fernandez Abuhiljeh, friend of Cedric Lee who allegedly mauled Vhong Navarro at Deniece Cornejo's condominium unit in Taguig City last Jan. 22, denied his participation in the incident, according to him, he still have difficulty concluding what had really happened that night.

Based on his recollection, Cedric had called him up on the night of the incident to come over to Forbeswood Condominium because Deniece was being harassed.

"From what I was gathering at that time, Cedric chanced upon the complainant raping Deniece and beat him up to protect her. Based on the scene before me, I had and still have difficulty concluding what had really happened that night," Fernandez said.

Fernandez's revelation is contradicting to the actor-TV host's sworn statement. In his affidavit, Vhong stated that a group of men mauled him at Deniece's condo unit last Jan. 22, five days after his first encounter with Deniece at the same venue. He never mentioned Fernandez who interfered Cedric to stop beating him up and bring him to the authorities instead.

Aside from interfering Lee, Fernandez also said he never laid a hand on Vhong Navarro, he insisted that he was not a part of any plan to inflict harm on the actor-TV host. "What I am certain about is that I never laid a hand on the complainant nor was I part of any plan to inflict harm on his person," Fernandez continued.

Fernandez's affidavit was read and balanced by Tony Calvento, an avid supporter of Vhong Navarro, and according to him, Sajid had the same alibi with J.P Calma, his co-accused in this case. "Eff Jed Fernandez and J.P. Calma practically has the same alibi. Jed says the mauling was already going on when he arrived. This is belied by the video footage of the CCTV," Tony Calvento commented.

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