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Vhong Navarro case: Roxanne Cabanero receives advice from German Moreno

Vhong Navarro and Roxanne Cabanero
Vhong Navarro and Roxanne Cabanero

The veteran actor and showbiz manager German Moreno, one of the pillars of GMA-7, is confirming that Roxanne Cabanero is continuously talking to media. In his column on this evening, March 25, 2014, known by many as Kuya Germs expressed his feelings in Roxanne's case, according to him, the former beauty contestant should know that the ABS-CBN TV network is helping and protecting Vhong Navarro.

He gave a piece of advice to Roxanne. He said Roxanne's camp should filter the network's assistance to Mr. Navarro if she is suspecting that the network is dong it beyond its limit, but he added that the network (GMA-7) will also do the same thing if the incident happened to its talents.

Meanwhile, if German Moreno has already given his advice to Roxanne, the actor TV host Vhong Navarro is now enjoying his comeback on It's Showtime. Aside from his daily activities on the show, he is also doing a comedy movie with Solenn Heusaff, one of the sexiest actresses in her generation. Based on the report, the movie will be seen in theaters nationwide sometime in June.

In his battle for truth and justice against Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo Roxanne Cabanero and several personalities involved in the mauling incident who decided to elevate the case to the Court of Appeals several days ago, a lot of people can say Vhong Navarro is so lucky because a dedicated journalist like Tony Calvento, his showbiz manager Chito Rono and a very brave lawyer in the person of Atty. Alma Mallonga are on his side since day one.

Sadly, he is still crying for justice two months after the incident happened. His supporters are now using their social media accounts just to let the responsible parties involved in this case that they are eager to know the result of the investigation, and if possible, they want to see all the accused paying their mistakes.

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