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Vhong Navarro case: Roxanne Cabanero gives message to Deniece Cornejo

Roxanne Cabanero, Deniece Cornejo
Roxanne Cabanero, Deniece Cornejo
Twitter/Saleema Refran

Roxanne Cabanero and Deniece Cornejo are in the news this morning, June 8, 2014. Based on the narration of Boy Abunda on “The Buzz,” the longest-running showbiz talk show in the Philippines, the former beauty contestant was one of the visitors of Deniece when she celebrated her 23rd birthday at the CIDG/ATCU detention cell several days ago.

As you all know, they are in the middle of a controversy involving Vhong Navarro. They have already filed their rape cases against the actor-TV host before the Department of Justice, but unfortunately, Deniece’s claim that she was raped by Vhong during the evening of Jan. 22 has already been dismissed by the three-man panel of the DOJ due to lack of evidence.

On the other hand, the court is still weighing the rape complaint filed by Roxanne Cabanero. Going back to her interview on “The Buzz” when Deniece celebrated her 23rd birthday, Roxanne Cabanero narrated that she is happy for Deniece because of the latter’s very positive attitude despite her present condition.

Reports said that it was their first meeting since they filed their separate cases against Vhong several months ago. Deniece is still in the custody of the PNP/CIDG while her co-accused Cedric Lee and Zimmer Raz are in the hands of the NBI.

The three of them have already filed their motion for stay at the NBI and ATCU detention cells, but like what the reports said, Judge Paz Esperanza is still weighing and examining their filed motion. Incidentally, JP Calma, Jed Fernandez, Ferdinand Guerrero and Edgardo Sampana, Deniece’s co-accused in the non-bailbale serious illegal detention case filed by actor-TV host Vhong Navarro, are still at large.

Perhaps, they are afraid to stay in jail while the serious illegal detention case is being heard. Aside from the non-bailable case, they are also facing grave coercion case.

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