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Vhong Navarro case: Is Roxanne Cabanero connected with Cedric Lee and Deniece?

Vhong Navarro, Roxanne Cabanero
Vhong Navarro, Roxanne Cabanero
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In an interview with the local media that continues to circulate online this morning, March 18, 2014, Roxanne Cabanero, one of the hottest individuals in the country today because of the rape case she has already filed at the Pasig Prosecutors Office several weeks ago against Vhong Navarro, denied her connections with Cedric Lee.

But despite her denial, some observers believe that she is receiving advices not only from her lawyer Atty. Virgilio Batalla but also from Cedric. And speaking of Cedric Lee, he is now receiving negative reactions from the fans and supporters of Vhong because of his decision to seek the help of the Court of Appeals.

Reports said he and Deniece with the help of their lawyer Atty. Howard Calleja have elevated the case to the CA in fact, the DOJ has already received an order telling them to explain why the Temporary Restraining Order should not be issued to stop the hearings.

After examining the report, some netizens who are following the case have decided to come out and expressed their disappointments, they said the CA's order is premature because the DOJ is still investigating the case. They added that it will bring negative effect if the appellate court grants Cedric Lee's wish and issues a TRO or Temporary Restraining Order.

Going back to Roxanne and her rape complaint against Vhong Navarro, the details are being questioned by the public because of her failure to confirm the exact date when the incident happened. They said she should remember the date to add more substance to the case.

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