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Vhong Navarro case has many jobs teetering on chopping block: No one helped him

Vhong Navarro case has some jobs on the line today.
Vhong Navarro case has some jobs on the line today.
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Vhong Navarro's beating, along with the filing of a rape attempt complaint by Deniece Cornejo has cost a few people their jobs with several more in jeopardy of losing ending their careers. The cops who were on duty when Cornejo and prominent businessman Cedric Lee dragged Navarro into the police station to file an attempted rape charge have been temporarily relieved of their duties, according to the on Feb. 4.

The cops relieved of duty weren't just cops, some of these officers held high potions within the police department. Superintendent Nelson Bautista, chief of the District Investigation and Detective Management was one of the top brass who was put on temporary leave of duty and the same goes for Police Officer 3 Dalmacio Lumiwan. Both these men were in higher positions and overseeing the other officers.

This was just the tip of the iceberg as several other officers including more officers who were in some degree in charge that night were also relieved. Included in this sweep was officer of the day Senior Inspector Eduardo Alcantara, PO3 Lory Laurento and PO3 Eugene Pugal.

Deniece Cornejo denies oral sex with Vhong Navarro week before beating

These officers were put under SPD District Personal Holding Unit as the the investigation looks into the procedures that were or weren't followed the night Lee's camp showed up with Navarro in tow and beaten to a pulp.

The security officer that was on duty at the condo complex where Cornejo lives the night of Navarro's mauling has been fired. This is where the beating of Navarro was said to occur and the guard was let go for failing to report Navarro's mauling.

Vhong Navarro's rape case blown to pieces? Video from CCTV shows what happened

This is nothing compared to the hefty fine that the Philippine National Police imposed on the security agency that covers the condos where Cornejo lives, according to the latest report on the Inquirer. net.

The agency was fined P 5,000 which is almost $7,000 in U.S. money. United Megaforce Security Service is also facing the possibility of losing its license to operate after they are investigated. The security should have contacted the nearest police station within 24 hours of the incident.

Vhong Navarro's bizarre alleged rape case spins heads in the Philippines

The security agency was just complying with the Forbeswood condo management's request not to report Navarro's beating to the police, claims the security agency's operation manger, Wifredo Molles.

When Navarro was taken to the police department Lee told the police he had walked in on Navarro raping Cornejo. Navarro maintained it was an extortion setup and he was beaten by up to six men, including Lee who dragged him to the police station claiming he witnessed the rape.

What was going on with the cops that night? Did Lee have some kind of influence over them? Why they didn't tend to Navarro and instead carry out Lee's request for the rape complaint to be filed is now under investigation.

While Cornejo said she was a victim of a rape attempt, her story, as well as Lee's didn't hold water. The CCTV camera footage from the condo that night showed that both Cornejo and Lee were not telling the truth. The camera footage supported Navarro's claim about his mauling. His beating was not a little one, he underwent surgery to repair facial bones and he was in the hospital for some time after that night.

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