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Vhong Navarro case: Authorities want to arrest Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo

Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee
Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee, Bernice Lee
YouTube/video screenshot

Contrary to their lawyer's claim that they are ready to face the charges filed by actor-TV host Vhong Navarro, the controversial businessman Cedric Lee and his co-accused in the mauling incident that happened in a condominium unit last Jan. 22, are now being considered as fugitives. In a posted article of ABS-CBN News this morning, April 23, 2014, the NBI National Capital Region director Efren Meneses confirmed that he has already alerted the ports in Manila, Davao, Cebu as well as the international airports to prevent the escape of Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo, Jed Fernandez, Ferdinand Guerrero and Zimmer Raz.

Are these people still in the Philippines? For some observers, these people are still in the country today, but because of their fear, they were forced to hide or approached their connections to avoid the manhunt of the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation who have the authority to serve the arrest warrants issued by Paz Esperanza Cortez of the Taguig Regional Trial Court Branch 271.

Meanwhile, the DOJ confirmed yesterday that one of the men accused in the Vhong Navarro case is already out of the country. According to Sec. Leila De Lima, Jose Paolo Calma is also included in the look out bulletin ordered by her department, unfortunately, the immigration officials were forced to give him the green light to out of the country due to some irregularities.

Based on her revelation, the name John Paul Calma was the one listed in the look out bulletin, but the one who approached the immigration officials was Jose Paolo Calma. "That's the reason why he was allowed to leave," Sec. Lela De Lima told reporters yesterday. Calma left the country last April 10, just a few days before the arrest warrants for the grave coercion case fled by Vhong Navarro were issued by Judge Bernard Bernal of the Taguig Metropolitan Trial Court Branch 74.

Luckily, Judge Paz Cortez excluded him and Cedric Lee's sister Bernice in the serious illegal detention complaint, but according to an updated report, the court is now reviewing their exclusion.