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Vhong Navarro alleged rape case: Intrigue grows around video tape and VIP claims

Vhong Navarro's rape case is front and center in the Philippines. Vhong Navarro claiming there was no rape, he was a victim of a beating, and he reveals an influencial businessman as the ring leader of the beating and extortion.
Vhong Navarro's rape case is front and center in the Philippines. Vhong Navarro claiming there was no rape, he was a victim of a beating, and he reveals an influencial businessman as the ring leader of the beating and extortion.

Vhong Navarro’s case is surrounded by more intrigue today as the rape accusations made against the Philippine actor take on yet another sub-plot. Navarro named a very well-known and powerful VIP, who is a businessman in the Philippines, as the man who orchestrated the attack on him that he has been reporting in the media, according to the Entertainment on Jan. 26.

Navarro was accused of trying to rape a woman at her Bonifacio Global City condo. The woman gave a very detailed statement of the alleged attempted rape, which included him holding her down on a bed and pulling off her short-shorts. Her story ends with a group of her friends stopping by just as Navarro was on top of her and she was screaming for help.

Her group of friends then allegedly made a citizen’s arrest and carted Navarro off to the police station. But that’s not at all what happened claims Navarro from his hospital bed. He claims that he was set up.

Vhong Navarro's bizarre alleged rape case spins heads in the Philippines

Navarro then gave a story completely different from the alleged victim saying that he was tied up and beaten at this condo by six men. He also made the very serious accusation that the ring leader and the man who orchestrated this attack as Cedric Lee, a very prominent businessman in the Philippines.

Police have heard what Navarro has said to the media, but he’s never made a formal complaint to the police in this case, so they are not investigating this, according to a new report by the Entertainment Inquirer today. The actor is still in the hospital recuperating from this beating that he alleges he endured in a blackmail attempt, not as a result of people pulling him off an alleged rape victim.

Navarro also signed what they are calling a police blotter, which sounds like the equivalent of a document that is used for a formal complaint. The “blotter” he signed says that he was trying to rape this woman. He says he only signed this because he was blackmailed.

They threatened they would go to the media if he didn’t sign. Navarro was allegedly ordered by these men who beat him to put 1 million in a bank account. This was to “repay the damage” he allegedly did to the woman now identified in this case as the alleged victim, Deniece Millet Cornejo, 22.

Navarro reports that the men who beat him also sexually harassed him and they videotaped the ordeal. He claims he was told if he did what this group told him to do they would not release this embarrassing tape to the media. He said he was let go because they were under the impression that he was going to go to the bank and deposit the money they demanded. He did not, instead he is now in a hospital.

Navarro said he is ready for them now and “I need to be brave.” He also gave more details of the night in question. He said he knew Cornejo for a few years, but they only agreed to see each other again this January. It was Jan. 17 when he claims that he was an invited quest to Cornejo’s condo and she even met him in the lobby when he arrived that night.

They did not have sex, they drank wine and just “hung out at her place.” He also said that it was apparent that she was attracted to him. When he left she sent him a text message calling him a “bad boy.” He thought she meant that was because nothing sexual happened between the two and texted her back, “I’m sorry.”

Then on Jan. 22 she invited him over again and was going to cook dinner for him. He also said she started to call him “sweetie,” which didn’t sit well with him, he thought it was odd. When he arrived he felt something was wrong. Three men came out of a room pointing guns at him and this is when Cedric introduced himself.

It was Cedric that tied his hands and feet with duct tape, claims Navarro. Once they blindfolded Navarro, the beating began he said. They took his shorts off of him and he then heard more men come in to “beat him up.” He said it was a man in a “green body-fit shirt that gave him the directions to deposit half a million in a bank account.

The man later changed it to 1 million. Navarro said the guy tried to change the amount once again to 2 million while they were at the police department, but he told him he didn’t have that much money. Navarro claims this was at the police station when the men told the police that they brought him in under a citizen’s arrest after he tried to rape their friend, Cornejo.

Again police said they have heard Navarro’s story, but only from the media. Either Navarro or his lawyer needs to make a complaint for the police to follow up on his accusations. This story is really odd, with tons of holes in it. There is only one thing known for sure and that is someone is lying. These two very different accounts have nothing in common, only that Navarro was injured. His injuries were severe enough that he needed to spend time in a hospital.

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