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Vhong Navarro accused of another rape after Cornejo's case is riddled with holes

Vhong Navarro accused of raping another woman, this one just came forward and claims Navarro raped her four years ago.
Vhong Navarro accused of raping another woman, this one just came forward and claims Navarro raped her four years ago.

Vhong Navarro is facing at another rape charge coming from a woman who feels now is the time to come forward since Navarro is being accused by model Deniece Cornejo of rape. The woman, who remains unnamed, is being described as a former beauty queen by some sources, according to the on Feb. 20.

The woman accuses of Navarro of raping her four years ago. Navarro’s camp was not at all surprised by this as Cedric Lee, Cornejo’s cohort and “witness” in her rape case, said that he was talking to some women about Vhong’s past, according to today.

Vhong’s camp considers this new rape case nothing more than a distraction. The woman has found the strength now to file this complaint after hearing about the rape charge that Deniece Cornejo tried to bring against Vhong. This unnamed woman said she saw that in the Cornejo rape Vhong used the same M.O. as he did with her.

This is odd because Denise Cornejos and Cedric Lee’s account of the alleged rape was found to have many holes in it. Denise Cornejo said that Navarro was on top of her naked and raping her when her friends walked in, including Cedric Lee. This is when a group of six of Cornejo’s friends were said to have made a citizen’s arrest of Navarro at Cornejo’s condo, where the rape allegedly took place.

When authorities went back to the surveillance video for the condo, it showed that Lee walked into the condo with Cornejo, he didn’t walk in and find Navarro raping her. The surveillance video also leaned toward substantiating Navarro’s side of the story, instead of Cornejo’s rape allegations.

This new woman who has filed rape charges on Wednesday is being represented by Attorney Virgilio Batalla, who is providing free legal representation to the woman through the Lingap Pinoy Foundation. Batalla said in a recent radio interview:

“A rape victim has 20 years to file a case, waiting for the right time when she finds the strength and the resolve to have her case prosecuted.”

Vhong Navarro is even more determined to see the case through because of “the personal attacks against him." Navarro was severely beaten by Cornejo’s cohorts and landed in the hospital having reconstruction surgery on his face. He claims this was all part of an extortion case with Cornejo and Lee at the helm. The evidence seems to point in that direction.

His side of the story about his relationship with Cornejo differs greatly from hers. He claims that he was invited to her apartment and six or seven men, including Cedric Lee were waiting there for him. They tied him up and gave him a brutal beating.

The authorities viewing the surveillance tape from Cornejo’s condo believed the video footage backed up Navarro’s account of being jumped, rather than Cornejo and Lee's account that he was raping Cornejo when the friends arrived.

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