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Vhong Navarro accused attacker claims he tried to befriend him, didn't touch him

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Vhong Navarro accused several people of participating in a conspiracy and pointed fingers at several men who he says gave him that horrendous beating that put him in the hospital. One of Navarro’s accused muscle men was Sajed Fernandez Abuhiljeh, who has entered a counter claim in the case saying that he never laid a hand on Navarro. He claims that he tried to help him.

According to on March 7, Abuhiljeh’s counter claim said he walked in and saw the beating, finding it hard to believe that Navarro did what Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo were accusing him of doing. The scene did not fit Lee walking in and finding the TV host raping Cornejo.

It was then that Abuhiljeh suggested Lee stop beating Navarro and suggested they bring him to the police. Abuhiljeh said he actually felt sorry for Navarro. He claims that at one point he asked Navarro if he really did what Lee is saying he did. Also reminded Navarro that kids look up to him. Navarro said to him “sorry.”

At the police station Cornejo signed the complaint accusing Navarro of raping her. This is when she named Lee and his cronies as the witnesses who walked in on this happening and beat Navarro to “protect” Cornejo.

Abuhiljeh said that at the police station he introduced himself to Navarro and at one point asked the police to get the TV host a glass of water. Then after the police were done with Navarro, he even offered him a ride home, but the police also offered to take him home and he took the ride with the cops.

Abuhiljeh said he called Navarro on his cell phone later on that night to see how he was doing after the beating. This was a bit confusing because Abuhiljeh said he "introduced himself" to Navarro at the police station, so how did he have the TV star's cell phone number? This accused attacker adamantly denies laying a hand on Navarro, he gives himself credit for putting a halt to the attack and getting him to the police.

This accused attacker believes that he was just an “afterthought” when it came to Navarro naming his attackers. By naming Abuhiljeh, Navarro tried to strengthen his case and give more credence to the report that he was beaten. Apparently Abuhiljeh isn’t the only one denying participation in Navarro’s beating other men listed in the complaint, Simeon Raz and JP Calma,, are also denying that they laid a hand on the TV host.

While the controversy surrounds who did what to Navarro, one thing is for sure, the TV star endured quite the beating during this incident. He landed in the hospital and underwent facial reconstruction from the damage inflicted upon him when Lee and his men allegedly beat him to a pulp.