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Vhong Navaro case: More holes in story as Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee speak out

Vhong Navarro's rape case is front and center in the Philippines. Vhong Navarro claiming there was no rape, he was a victim of a beating. The people he accuses deny his claims.
Vhong Navarro's rape case is front and center in the Philippines. Vhong Navarro claiming there was no rape, he was a victim of a beating. The people he accuses deny his claims.

Vhong Navarro is accusing an influential businessman and 22-year-old student of setting him up and trying to extort money from him in a rape case gaining worldwide attention. Navarro, the Philippine actor and TV host, has a story that is the polar opposite from his rape accusers today.

Navarro insists he was tied up, beaten and told to hand over $1 million. He said that Deniece Milnette Cornejo invited him over and six men tied him, sexually harassed him and beat him. These claims have caused Cedric Lee and Cornejo to speak out and stand their ground with their story, according to The Epoch Times on Jan. 28.

Cornejo, the girl who is accusing Navarro of trying to rape her, has given the police a statement detailing the celeb’s actions, which included ripping her shorts off. Cedric Lee, the man who is well known for his business dealings in the Philippines has backed up Cornejo’s story because he claims he arrived just as Navarro was on top of Cornejo, who was screaming for help.

Navarro was beaten up, this is the only thing that is known for sure in this case because he is in the hospital recuperating. Lee stated that he and his friends showed up at Cornejo’s apartment that night and they heard her screaming. He said they ran in and pulled Navarro off their friend.

They made a citizen’s arrest and tried to drag Navarro to the police department. Navarro begged them not to take him to the police because it would ruin his celebrity image. He resisted their citizen’s arrest, Lee said.

After seeing what he was trying to do to their friend, they didn’t care about his image and dragged him to the police anyway. This is where Cornejo made her attempted rape complaint against Navarro.

While Navarro has been telling the story to the media that he was beaten in an ambush at Cornejo’s apartment, he has never made a formal police report stating this. The police have only heard his story in the media and they won’t investigate unless he makes that formal complaint.

The night he was carted into the police station by Lee and his friends, he signed the document on which Cornejo stated he was trying to rape her.

Now Navarro is saying he signed that document under duress and fear of being blackmailed. Navarro claims that Lee is the man who orchestrated this blackmail attempt. He claims that while they beat him and sexually harassed him they videotaped the ordeal and Navarro was in fear of them releasing the tape to the media. He said it would be embarrassing. Navarro alleges that they had stripped his shorts off during the beating.

Cornejo is denying any guilt in this incident, she maintains that Navarro tried to rape her. Lee also maintains he was just helping his friend who had Navarro on top of her while she screamed for him to get off of her. Cornejo put on her Facebook page:

“Everyone wants nothing but honesty yet caught lying most of the time. truth hurts and no matter how painful it is, face it with dignity.”

She also quoted a Bible verse:

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The two sides to this story only agree on one thing. Navarro has injuries. The celebrity says he got those injuries from being beaten in an extortion plan with Cornejo and Lee as the main players.

Cornejo and Lee say that Navarro resisted Cornejo’s friends’ attempts to get him to the police station after finding him trying to rape her. He could have gotten hurt resisting the group of men that came to Cornejo’s aid.

Both sides have many holes in them. What really did happen? Why doesn’t Navarro file a police report about the story he is telling the media? The police said that they know Navarro is in the hospital, but his lawyer can file that claim on his behalf.

Would the girl have filed a police report if this was really and extortion case? Wouldn’t she have kept it quiet?

What is up with this video tape? You would think if it was really taken while Navarro was being attacked that he would want the police to have it as evidence, why is he in fear of having the tape exposed?

Is it a coincidence that these six men friends of Cornejo came over to her house when Navarro claims he was invited to her house for dinner? The inconsistencies in this case are mind blowing.

Probably the biggest indicator of just how serious Navarro is about being a victim of extortion will be if he does finally file a report with the police.

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