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VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009


Def Jam Honors courtesy of VH1

The sixth annual Hip Hop Honors awards will be shown on VH1 on October 13, 2009. The awards show normally honors individuals who have paved the way for the Hip Hop community, but this year they will honor Def Jam as this is their 25th anniversary as a functioning record label. The awards will take place in Brooklyn, New York at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Def Jam has lead the industry with many ground breaking artists. Rihanna, L.L. Cool J, Kurtis Blow, Rick Ross, The Dream, and Patti Labelle are currently on the Def Jam roster. 

This years line up on the Def Jam Honors will be a lineup to remember. Tracy Morgan will be the host for the third year in a row.  Mary J. Blige, The Roots, Method Man, Trey Songz, Public Enemy, and Warren G will be some of the celebrities that will attend and perform on the show. You can visit the VH1 site starting September 14th to comment and view VH1 exclusives on the show.


  • sdubs1 5 years ago

    this is what hip hop is really about....the best hip hop show televised in history of rap...i really truly enjoyed the entire show....NOW LETS GET DOWN TO IT ! DEF JAM HIP HOP TOUR...UNIVERSAL ! WORLD WIDE TOUR...COMING TO SCHOOL YOU ! I'LL BE THERE ALONG WITH THE OTHER 999,999 HIP HOP LOVERS. GREAT JOB.....