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VH1 and TLC actress, Vikki Lizzi joins the Emmy nominated series, "The Bay"

As the variety of viewing platforms increase, so do the quantity and quality of content follow suit. There has been an explosive amount of internet based dramas that many usually associate with being shown on traditional outlets such as television. These programs range in quality from rather forgettable to unforgettable. One such drama that squarely falls within the latter category is The Bay. The plot of the show follows the town's elite and privileged with classic elements of soap opera drama that includes sex, lies and scandals that follow. The drama stars Mary Beth Evans as socialite, Sara Garrett and Kristos Andrews who essays the role of Peter who is Garrett's son in the series. The series returned after a brief hiatus on May 1 with chapter 12 of the series. The show is divided into 4 chapters per season(year) and the internet and Roku sensation has been streaming since the year, 2010.

Vikki Lizzi at the private industry screening.
Bob Delgadillo
Vikki Lizzi arriving at the private industry screening of The Bay
Bob Delgadillo

A very private and exclusive private industry screening party was held on April 30 at the Supperclup Vogue Theatre located in Hollywood, California. The press corps were in attendance to capture stills of the various cast members that arrived for the screening. The event also introduced actress, singer and television personality, Vikki Lizzi to the cast of The Bay starting with the aforementioned chapter 12 of the series. Lizzi has been cast as Dr. Jane Conaway. Her character's name is a loving homage to the memory of her former fiance' Jeff Conaway who passed away 3 years ago in the month of May. The episode that features Vikki Lizzi's introduction as Dr. Jane Conaway will also be dedicated to the memory of the late, Jeff Conaway. It is also a testament to the memory and talent of Jeff Conaway that the CD that he recorded with Vikki Lizzi entitled, Saints and Sinners is still selling. They had recorded the CD under the names of Vikki & Kenickie in the year, 2006.

Seen and photographed that night were the director, Gregori J. Martin and actors and producers, Kristos Andrews and Derrell Whitt. Others in attendance included Vikki Lizzi's best friends, Pamela Bach Hasselhoff, Sabrina Parisi(founder of Pop Fashion & Sports and TV personality) and model and actress, Mckenzie Olsen. Vikki Lizzi's proud mother, Shirley Sullivan also attended to support her daughter. The final piece to Vikki Lizzi's inner circle was her agent Elli Griego from the KOR Talent Agency.

The raven haired beauty, Vikki Lizzi impressed and dazzled with what she had worn which was Ralph Lauren and Givenchy. All episodes of The Bay can be seen on the Roku system through Blip TV and on the website link featured below. This columnist will continue to keep an eye on the career of Vikki Lizzi and perhaps schedule an interview with the dynamic woman in the future.