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Veterinary care for border protection canines

: A border protection dog.
South Bay Veterinary Hospital/Facebook

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection dogs have a big job. Every day they are busy sniffing out illegal drugs and identifying undocumented immigrants. Most importantly, the dogs perform search and rescue operations. The dogs must be in top physical health. To ensure their maximum performance, they visit with Chula Vista based veterinarians on a regular basis.

Most recently, the South Bay Veterinary Hospital participated in a project in tandem with the U.S. Customs Office last November. The veterinarians worked with over 60 U.S. Customs canines at an event designed to provide optimum care for some of the dogs who help protect our borders.

The doctors at the South Bay practice say that these dogs are an essential part of border patrol operations, yet many Americans are unaware of the crucial role the canines play in the tasks the U.S. Customs Office performs daily.

Dr. Jagpal Deo, owner of South Bay Veterinary Hospital, says that keeping the canines healthy is an important part of the day-to-day operations of border patrol.

"During the event, we were able to visit with over 60 canines who work hard every day protecting our borders," said Dr. Deo. "We help to ensure optimal health for these dogs and keep them in tip-top shape for their jobs. We addressed many of the health issues facing the German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and the Belgian Malinois used by the canine border corp. These dogs have a heavy workload, so keeping them healthy is a top priority."

The Chula Vista veterinarians are relied upon to identify and resolve a diverse range of health problems in the dogs, including injuries and organic diseases.

"During the event we treated a variety of minor injuries as well provided ongoing maintenance care for all of the dogs. We're proud of the role we play in helping the Customs canines, and the Customs Border Patrol is one of our largest clients. They rely on us to protect their canine officers. We like to say the dogs are VIP members of the U.S. Customs Office," said Dr. Deo.

The dogs must be able to sniff out drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana, so it's important that their olfactory senses are up to snuff. They also must maintain excellent eyesight, particularly when it comes to performing search and rescue operations.

"Maintaining the dogs' outstanding health is a vital part of border patrol," said Dr. Deo. "Without optimal wellness, the canines would not be able to perform their jobs. Americans put their trust in the Customs Office, and the CBP in turn puts their trust in us."

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