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Veterinarian discovers dozens of socks inside of dog's stomach

Socks removed from dog's stomach
Socks removed from dog's stomach
DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital

According to Wednesday's publication of Oregon Live, a Portland, Oregon, veterinarian helped solve a mystery of one family's disappearing socks while alleviating their dog's severely upset stomach.

A three-year-old Great Dane was brought to the DoveLewis Emergency Pet Hospital after he gave up food and repeatedly vomited. It did not take veterinarian Dr. Ashley Magee long to figure out what was causing the dog's distress. X-rays of the dog's stomach revealed, ""a lot of foreign material in his stomach."

Exploratory surgery to figure exactly what the foreign material was quickly followed...suffice to say, when a whopping 43 1/2 socks were pulled from the dog's stomach, everyone was shocked. In fact, the case was strange enough that the veterinary hospital submitted it to Veterinary Practice News for the magazine's "They Ate WHAT?" contest...the submission was strange enough to land them with a second place prize.

DoveLewis will utilize the $500 winnings to help people with limited income pay for their veterinary bills.

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