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Veterinarian admits that dogs who were to be euthanized were kept alive

Veterinarian's cruel admission
Veterinarian's cruel admission
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According to Thursday's publication of the Star-Telegram, the Fort Worth, Texas, veterinarian who was arrested after being accused of keeping a dog alive for his blood, has admitted that there are more dogs who suffered the same fate.

Dr. Lou Tierce, 71, of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, told officials that there were actually five dogs who were kept alive at his clinic after their owners asked for them to be euthanized. Investigators found a virtual house of horrors inside of the clinic when they conducted a raid earlier this week.

Three dogs discovered inside of the facility earlier this week were in “such decrepit shape” that they had to be humanely euthanized. Investigators also found bugs, unsecured medications and exam rooms littered with trash, laundry and paperwork. One of the most disturbing finds was the doctor's own dog, who was on an exam room floor - court documents state that the dog was missing a leg, had two dislocated shoulders and another dislocated leg.

An employee stated that the dog had been "in the same spot" on a pallet for nearly a year. The decrepit dog was put down by another veterinarian who determined that the long-untreated conditions warranted humane euthanasia. Another dog, which was supposed to have been put down, had been kept alive for two to three years.

In light of the findings of the investigation, Dr. Tierce's veterinary license, held since 1966, has been suspended.

The disturbing conditions inside of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic came to light after a veterinary technician left her employment at the facility and reached out to the owners of a dog named "Sid" who was supposed to have been humanely euthanized months ago. The dog was instead being kept alive and used for blood transfusions.

Dr. Tierce surrendered to the authorities on Wednesday evening, but he is currently free on bail.

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