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Veterans want Eric Shinseki to step down

Veterans want Eric Shinseki to step down
Veterans want Eric Shinseki to step down
Disabled American Veteran photo/released

In the wake of whistleblowers’ claims that some 40 veterans died while in the secret queue of the Phoenix VA Hospital, David Dellinger, National Commander of the American Legion says his organization wants Eric Shinseki to resign:

"If this was private sector, you'd be fired. If this was the military, you'd be relieved of duty.”

Shinseki, Secretary of the Veteran’s Administration, told the Wall Street Journal Tuesday he had no intentions of resigning.

“I serve at the pleasure of the President”, Shinseki said on national television this week; an indication that he will not fall on his sword unless forced by the White House.

The Phoenix Veterans Healthcare System has become the face of the worst kind of mismanaged healthcare in the nation. Veterans and non-veterans alike are outraged at the alleged death of veterans as they were “wait listed” on a phantom system.

As many have already speculated, the issue of a “secret waiting list” is not unique to the Phoenix Veterans Hospital. This morning San Antonio’s VA Hospital and Colorado’s Fort Carson facility were also identified as using similar practices; more will be found in the coming days and weeks.

On April, 1, 2014, the Veterans Administration released a report stating their backlog of claims was down 44 percent, leading observers to wonder if the VA is systemically using secret methods of “cooking the books”.

Veterans want to know if backlogged claims were really cleared or if they, too, were put on a phantom list to make it look as if the administration processed them to show a better outcome.

CNN reported today that Shinseki has called for a “face-to-face” audit of all VA clinics.

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