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Veterans sequestered for Big Brother Season 16?

Julie Chen hosts the season finale of Season 10 Big Brother.
Julie Chen hosts the season finale of Season 10 Big Brother.

There are rumors flying about the Big Brother Season 16 premiere being an all star cast or a Blood vs. Water game. Will fans get to watch the return of super stars or will we have a match up of relatives and single houseguests?

The answer is no, according to Big Brother’s site. Although CBS doesn’t come right out and state that we will have a regular season or a season with a partial cast of veteran game players, it does claim that the casting call is closed for this season. So what does this mean?

Casting call means CBS is looking or was looking as in this case, for a new set of players for Season 16 of Big Brother. The 2014 season will not have a complete cast of returning players, although it does leave open the possibility of having a new cast that makes up at least a portion of the cast being related to one another. Who knows in this game? As the slogan says, “Expect the unexpected.”

We can see a Blood vs. Water theme where the returning players could come back and bring a family member, but why have the casting calls in so many areas of the U.S.? At this point, it seems the All-Star cast would be a “no go,” simply because they did tour the states in search for the next group of players. One idea would be to have half and half or the possible inclusion of some veteran players. This always begs the question, “Is it fair to new players to have veterans in the mix?”

Veteran players may return in the role of coach to those who are new. They have done this before, in Season 14 and it’s a possible scenario for this season too. If this is the case, let’s hope they give the game a little bit of a new twist instead of having the coaches eventually join the regular house guests toward the end of the game.

According to “Big Brother Access,” one of their sources is claiming that there are some veteran players who are sequestered at this time and it appears that fans might get to vote on who goes into the Big Brother house for the season. The source also states that Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Frank Eudy or Rachel Reilly are not going to be in that group of veterans.

The all-new cast would bring out a new dynamic in the house. Hopefully, this doesn’t turn out as bad as last year when we had all the hateful comments and bullying. Although it became far too boring after several episodes, it still gave CBS one of the best seasons ever in terms of viewers in the history of Big Brother. I would assume, if there are new players, that the rules are fairly strict this year when it comes to watching their mouths while on the air.

Anyone who is interested in getting the live feeds can do so now and save 20% off the regular price. Why get live feeds? If you’re like most fans and cannot wait until the next episode of the show, the live feeds gives a new insight into the game by revealing little details of the upcoming show. Conversations that you don’t hear on the aired program can be heard on the live feeds. It’s also fun to predict, assume and chat with other fans while the drama happens.

Whatever the case may be, let’s hope this season of Big Brother is filled with the game play we all love, without the drama that killed off the fun of the game last season. We’ll find out when the new season of Big Brother airs on June 25th.

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