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Veterans day writing exercise

National Veterans Day Poster 2010
National Veterans Day Poster 2010
The Veterans Day National Committee

Today is Veteran’s day, November 11, 2010. Walking right beside you day in and day out, there are men and women who have served this country with honor, valor and courage. These men and women have served so that you and I can live in a place of freedom. Some of us forget these brave soldiers who have fought (and often died) for this country. Too many people take their freedom for granted or abuse their freedom to shackle others in bonds of an unseen making. People fought for us to be free. Too often we get engrossed in the wars being fought on distant shores and focus on blaming when we should be focused on those fighting.

Those who make it through the wars are Veterans who often time come home to people who don’t support them because they don’t believe why they are fighting. These men and women are not asked if they believe in the war, they are not truly asked to fight in it, they knew what they were signing up for. They were signing up with the possibility of a war.

Today is a day we should be focused on these men and women who hold the title of Veteran. It should be an honored title, but it is too often degraded and unappreciated. The respect these men and women deserve, dwindles down more and more with every generation. Kentucky gives us many forts, that hold many men and women who have been called to war or train with the possibility of it. Our state, our city of Louisville has felt the pains of our fellows who don’t come home from war.

So, today write for them. It doesn’t matter what you write, whether it be a poem from the eyes of a soldier or from they eyes of a mother watching her son walk down the airport walkway, his green bag slung over one shoulder, his high and tight pronounced. No matter what you write, draw inspiration from these men who deserve to be thought of this day.

On a personal note: I am proud to be a daughter of a Marine Veteran - Semper FI.