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Veterans and Handgun Permits

Florida Concealed Weapons Permit
Florida Concealed Weapons Permit

Our nation has been ridiculed lately with these recent gun-related incidents. Tell me, what do you know about Florida's gun laws? Some veterans don't even know that having an honorable discharge will allow you to apply for a concealed weapons permit without sitting through its required class, granted you show your DD214.

But along with many other incidences with guns - handguns or any other type of firearms, being mentally stable is a huge factor when it comes to owning one. You just have to be. With that said, having being diagnosed with PTSD will deter you from obtaining a permit. Now, that's not saying someone with a 10% disability can't get one, compared to one that has 100% disability, but it's a case by case scenario.

Let's face it, anyone and everyone who even thinks about obtaining any type of means to protect themselves should consider everything that it involves. Not everyone, veteran or not, is deemed competent to use one. Do your research, laws can change, and therefore can be very important to you and your family and friends - with or without protection!

So, what are the laws? What's the process? Some have probably asked and never looked into it, others don't know where to start. More and more families are considering carrying a concealed permit, but there's also that other side of the spectrum where they absolutely think it's notorious to own any type of firearm.

Now, each state is different. Carrying through other states may lead to problems, so do your homework. Here's a link to see which states will honor a Florida State Concealed Weapons Permit.

To find out more, click on the link below. Remember, it's not about the gun, it's about who handles it!