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Veteran video gamer aims to bring the fun back to gaming media

Paola Alejandra aims to bring the fun back to video game media
Paola Alejandra aims to bring the fun back to video game media

Video game media, once confined to monthly "biggest ever" issues of publications like Electronic Gaming Monthly and Nintendo Power, is more accessible than ever. With the popularity of Twitch, YouTube and social media websites, there seems to be more video game news and content than at any point in history, with more and more video game content creators seemingly appearing online every day.

One of those content creators, Paola Alejandra, sees an issue with within the explosion of content. The Santa Monica, California video game personality says there is an important piece missing in a lot of the video game content she sees produced today.

"The media in gaming has become really vanilla and sometimes I wonder how they even stay afloat," she said. "I think some of the publications have become monotonous, the fun element is missing. I plan to bring it back."

Working under the stage name of Baby Pancakes, Alejandra could be seen recently making her way around the E3 event in Los Angeles, capturing numerous interviews and moments on camera. The veteran video gamer, playing since the days of Super Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo console, says her journey to being an on-camera personality came of her own accord.

"The covering the events was something I always dreamed of. I always wanted to be on camera field correspondent," she stated. "I think what drew me initially was proving that I could do it on my own. No men, no other influences just me and my voice. Not that 'men' had anything to do with the underlying issue it was just something I wanted to prove to myself.'

Stating she was nervous on-camera at first, Alejandra says she became more at ease by hosting the Gamer Girls Gone Wild podcast and staying true to herself and the people around her. She was willing to give advice to others who may have similar aspirations to hers.

"Be yourself no matter what. Regardless if people quit on you, never quit on yourself," she said. "Hang around people who believe in you and dump all of those who don’t. It’s harsh but if you want to succeed in anything in life you have to hang out with ambitious people who want more out of life."

As she continues her ascension in the world of media, Alejandra states she is part of several upcoming projects, including writing a show that is going into production this summer, and is excited to be doing so during what she feels is a key point in time.

"The future of gaming is 10 percent of what we see now," she added. "Technology is changing so fast and we will reach leaps and bounds in the next ten years. These are the years that while lay out the foundation for the future of gaming. I’m so glad to be the age that I am to see all the advancement of how far we've come."

Alejandra can be found on Twitter @PancakePow and on the web at

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