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Veteran’s mistreatment this Memorial Day

Servicemen at Arlington National Cemetary
Servicemen at Arlington National Cemetary
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

On this Memorial Day we observe all the men and women who fought to preserve our freedom. Freedom is not free nor should it be taken for granted. It’s paid with the blood of the brave people that have defended this country. How and why did 40 American veterans die here in Phoenix on waiting lists? The fact that this has been covered up and was rewarded is yet another crime that needs to be paid for. This was done to those that have paid for our freedom. Obama’s words and Rob Nabors coming to Phoenix accomplish nothing.

Memorial Day was first observed during the Civil War and then in 1967 it was made a federal holiday and the following year the date was changed from May 30th to the last Monday in May. This was done despite the fact that 59% were against the change and only 38% favored the idea. Those numbers reflect the same facts against Obamacare and those opposing President Obama with his approval rating akin to the lower number. Yet Americans have this forced on us.

The Veterans Administration was founded in 1930. If the founders could see the way veterans are treated and made to wait today they’d be as shocked as our Founding Fathers at how far we’ve strayed from the Constitution. If they saw how the administration gives $ billions to enemy countries and needless causes only to neglect those that bought their freedom with their lives and limbs-they’d be outraged.

President Obama’s words on the VA scandal are hollow and empty for he knew many years ago about the details and did nothing about it. There’s good reason this administration has the worst approval rating in history-they’re not leading they’re dictating. America has spoken many times about the numerous scandals under Obama-these have been ignored; all that matters to them is that their liberal propaganda is carried out. To all you veterans, we the people care regardless of what the leaders think and do.