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Veteran's Day

Honor Our Military
R. Carlini

Americans are very lucky people. Not one of us can deny the powerful brotherhood that exists with our men and women in the military. Whether known by name or not, they are some of our truest friends and their loyalty is unfaltering.

They stand up for us and protect us. Some will go so far as to lay down their lives for us. Is their no greater a friendship than that?

Veteran's Day is a day to reflect upon the sacrifices that these men and women make on a daily basis for individuals they will likely never meet. They leave their own families and dreams behind to ensure that each and every American can remain with theirs.

How befitting that Veteran's Day, a chance to honor these brave soldiers, comes directly before the most joyous time of the year. We are able to appreciate and celebrate this upcoming Season because of the freedoms we have been allotted by this great Country.

As we usher in the Holidays, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah or another religious celebration, make today the day to say a special prayer for our Veterans. We are able to celebrate this Season as we choose because of their sacrifices. They ask for nothing in return for the incredible gifts they bestow upon us. A prayer, a remembrance, or a simple thank you is a small price for us to pay for such selfless acts.

Remember that Veterans from as far back as World War II are still among us. If given the opportunity, take the three and a half hour drive from Atlantic County and travel to the World War II Memorial in Washington DC. There you can witness first hand these amazing elderly Veterans who fought for us before we were even a thought in the minds of our parents. You can feel the pride that is still present in every one of those men. Frail and slow moving, yet tall and strong in their unwavering devotion to our Country.

Life as we know it should not be taken for granted. Freedom is a right, not "a given". Travel the world and visit less fortunate countries. See first hand how very blessed we are. Today we honor our Veterans. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, they protect us.

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  • ECR 4 years ago

    Thank you for reminding all of us what this day means. God Bless our Veterans.

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