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Veteran's administration head General Shinseki falls on his sword for Obama

Is the problem solved with one man's resignation?  It could be.
Is the problem solved with one man's resignation? It could be.
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President Barack Obama accepted Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resignation Friday. Unlike the cries for HSS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s head after the Obamacare roll out, and ensuing months, the president knew he had no choice.

He has "to change the narrative" and the public anger is deafening. Former Michigan congressman and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Peter Hoekstra called it a “terrible week." He said "Last weekend, he started with the White House leaking out the information, compromising the station chief, the CIA chief, in Afghanistan, a huge blunder by the White House," Hoekstra told "America's Forum" on Newsmax TV.

This leaves out the continuing soap opera with Edward Snowden flipping off the Obama administration and Attorney General Eric Holder from Moscow live. He told a national audience on NBC that under this president “we had the most massive breach of intelligence information in the history of the world,” Hoekstra said..

The reality of where the Obama presidency is at present is resonating from Washington, DC to the rest of the world. The American people have been peppered with one major administration scandal after another – whether it is foreign affairs or domestic.

Obama accepted Shinseki's resignation mumbling something about it help;ing to end the distractions. Really? Distractions from what? There are so many scandals, everyone is confused already. Does anyone think for a moment , through the desensitizing the adoring media provides him, that American’s have grown weary of the five-and-half-years they have endured?

Shinseki, a retired four-star general was gracious in his resignation. Like so many before him, the general fell on his sword to keep Barack Obama’s "good name" out of the mess. The scandal all began with forty VA patients in Phoenix, Arizona allegedly died while waiting to see a doctor at the VA hospital there. He accepted his responsibility like a man, but something as big and bureaucratic as the VA cannot be one man’s fault.

It‘s obvious the "vulnerable Democrats in the House and the Senate" are running "from this president in unbelievable numbers," Hoekstra said. Obama's management skills as America's leader are dubious. It looks more and more like the winds of big change are coming in more ways than one.

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