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Veteran Gambler

Holiday Edition

If you are a bit tired of the Volatility of the Stock Market and want to engage in some gambling that actually helps people - check this out:

Card games to help returning veterans while having some fun!

APRIL 22, 2014

6-10 pm

450 Post St, San Francisco, CA


Get tickets now at Eventbrite!

$25.00 - Starter Pack of $50 in chips

$50.00 - Starter Pack of $250 in chips

$100.00 - Starter Pack of $500 in chips + 1 Free Drink


But before that, don't forget the monthly meetup for the S.F. Bay Area Option group this Saturday:

Saturday April 19, 2014, from 9:00 AM to Noon
Room C-235, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco


1. Recap Group Charter - Ray Douglas

2. Self Introduction - Members & Guests

3. Live Demo of the LVX Trading Platform ā€“ Stefen Choy, LiveVol, Inc.

Using Order Flow information and Volatility to increase profitability

4. Brief Break

5. Gold Bugs Panel Discussion ā€“ JeffSchriebman

6. A Red Apple Trade and A Red Margin ā€“ George Chen

This Group is not associated with any commercial, political or religious entity. Content of discussion shared among members and guests is strictly for education and information only. Members and guests are fully responsible for their trading decisions.


In my last column I mentioned that the McClellan Oscillator was one of my favorite short term market direction Indicators - could (legal) Insider Selling be a longer term one? As I've noted recently there seems to be a huge lot of this selling, mostly by Board members and Officers - Monday it was revealed that Jeff Bezos has sold $1B of his stock, while Sheryl Sandberg sold half of hers!

And on this tax day word comes out that Nuveen Co. has been bought by the TIAA-CREF fund - I've been an investor in Nuveen Closed-End Funds for decades (depending on interest rates) for CA tax-free bonds. They were the pioneer in this area.

Finally, if you are up late celebrating your big tax return (or not) and cast a bleary eye at the moon - it is really Red tonight and early tomorrow - not your bloodshot eyes.

Have a Happy Easter!