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Veteran broadcaster Brian McFadden visits The Silver Screen Oasis

The Lady and The Monster (1944)
Republic Pictures

Veteran broadcast journalist Brian McFadden will visit the prestigious classic film website, The Silver Screen Oasis, on Saturday, March 29, and Sunday, March 30, to discuss his latest book, Republic Horrors: The Serial Studio's Chillers. The Silver Screen Oasis has hosted classic film experts and authors like Kevin Brownlow, Alan K. Rode, Scott Nollen, Steve Taravella, Lee Server, Dwayne Epstein, and Kendra Bean.

McFadden has been a serious student of the creative formula Republic Pictures used for its famed serials and westerns, and in his latest book, Republic Horrors: The Serial Studio's Chillers, he demonstrates how Republic Pictures successfully applied formulaic structure to its feature films of the classic horror genre. Unfortunately, many of these films, including the horror films that are the subject of this first Republic volume, are not readily available on DVD.

Before becoming an expert on Republic Pictures, the author had spent 40 years working as a reporter and entertainment editor for UPI, various magazines devoted to film and popular music, and anchored Wall Street Journal Radio for more than two decades. He has taught courses at Seton Hall University and lectured at The New York School for Continuing Education. His previous book on Britain's famed Amicus Productions, Amicus Horrors: Tales from the Filmmaker's Crypt, has just been nominated for a Rondo award.

McFadden's fascination with film began in childhood when Republic was one of the few studios willing to release its films to television, and admits his fascination has lasted a lifetime. As a young adult, his main goal was to find a way to make a living that would allow him to play some role in preserving memories of the films he enjoyed and feels privileged to have had such a lengthy and rewarding career as a journalist.

While in college, McFadden began interviewing celebrities. Shortly after graduation, he began working for UPI and was soon Features Editor for UPI Radio Broadcasting which led to his hosting a show for Billboard Magazine conducting interviews with prominent musicians and celebrities . His prestigious move to Wall Street Journal Radio followed where he spent the next two decades.

McFadden's encyclopedic knowledge of Republic Studios "isn’t just about Republic’s horror films," according to McFadden. His expertise encompasses "all of the major actors and actresses who appeared in Republic features and whose work for the studio is never seen anymore." As a serious student of Republic Pictures' serials and westerns, McFadden valiantly hopes his latest book will help generate interest in Republic's excellent feature films, most of which have been absent from television since the mid-fifties.

Visit The Silver Screen Oasis website to pose questions of the esteemed author this weekend on Saturday, March 29, and Sunday, March 30.

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