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Vet J. R. Salzman: Iraq takeover by ISIS result of Obama's malice toward vets

Veteran says Obama letting Iraq fall out of malice toward vets.
Veteran says Obama letting Iraq fall out of malice toward vets.
Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

J. R. Salzman, a veteran wounded in Iraq, issued a series of scathing tweets accusing the Obama administration of purposefully losing Iraq out of malice toward veterans, Twitchy reported Friday.

"Between Iraq, the VA, and the Burgdahl (sic) debacle, I'm having trouble thinking this is incompetence on Obama's part & not malice toward vets," he tweeted.

Salzman was just getting warmed up.

"Why doesn't @BarackObama just burn the VA down? Barricading vet memorials, VA scandal, fumbling Iraq, he clearly doesn't care about vets," he said in another tweet.

He went on to accuse Obama of using veterans as political pawns: "Why not just burn the VA down, @BarackObama, and seal the deal on vets? When have you done anything for vets besides use us political pawns?"

He then demanded the president honor the sacrifices made by so many veterans -- including himself -- and ensure the freedom they fought for was not being lost and squandered.

"I did not get an arm blown off in Baghdad so you could sit on your a*s and watch Iraq fall, @BarackObama. I did my job. DO YOUR JOB," he said in another tweet.

He also told Obama not to engage in the usual blame-shifting, and accept responsibility for what took place under his administration.

"And don't give us any of that 'I inherited this mess' BS on Iraq. You were president the last three years of the Iraq war," he added.

Salzman reminded Obama of the time the two met in 2007 with a tweet that included a photo of the president with Salman and another veteran. Obama, he tweeted, said he was proud of the sacrifices made by veterans like Salzman, and asked: "So why did you throw them away?"

Even then, Salzman wasn't finished, asking the president how it is possible he could lose a war that was already won. A number of people agreed, with one person saying Obama makes Jimmy Carter "look like Ronald Reagan."

"That's just one of his mad skills," one person said while another predicted the same thing would happen in Afghanistan.

"All things are possible when shame is off the table and a tee time awaits," Twitchy adding, making reference to Obama's fundraising trip.

Salzman wasn't the only one to suggest Obama is purposefully letting Iraq fall into the hands of ISIS, an Islamist group so radical al Qaeda wants nothing to do with them. On Thursday, Rush Limbaugh suggested Obama is handing Iraq and Afghanistan over to Islamist militants in order to discredit George W. Bush.

"I know you think it's over the top to say, but it's not at all. Obama's base, the Michael Moore crowd would love it if we got shellacked. They would love it if we end up, quote, unquote, losing in Iraq. It would be a repudiation of Bush, they could say, 'See, we never shoulda gone there in the first place, it didn't make any difference,'" he said.

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