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Vet clinic spares dog whose owner wanted her put down for common skin issue

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

A year-and-a-half year old giant Schnauzer named "Ava," was spared certain death thanks to a veterinary clinic who refused to perform a "convenience euthanasia."

Ava suffered from demodex mange, a common skin disease caused by tiny mites. Unfortunately for Ava, her family decided that they no longer wanted to treat her condition - opting instead, to end her life. The non-profit rescue agency, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, described how Ava was saved:

Thanks to Banfield Pet Hospital for refusing to perform convenience euthanasia on this sweet dog.

When the owners decided they no longer would treat Ava, they brought her to Banfield to be "euthanized." The caring and compassionate staff at Banfield then called Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and asked if we would take her into our network. Of course we agreed!

Ava is now safely in the care of a foster home through Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. The rescue organization wrote:

Ava is a sweet, but shy girl and will need a home who has the time and patience to help Ava blossom into the dog she was meant to be.

Ava now has the opportunity to live out a full life - thanks to a compassionate veterinary clinic, and the rescue agency which was willing and able to take her in.

Anyone interested in learning more about this gorgeous dog can email Ava's foster mom at:

Find the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue on Facebook at this link.

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