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Very small business, very big deal (the sequel)

In "Very Small Business, Very Big Deal", the subject was one-person businesses operating from home.  However, there are also "solopreneur" businesses that can operate from anywhere in the world that can accomodate a laptop computer.  Chris Gillebeau is the owner of one such business.

Gillebeau runs a website called The Art of Non-Conformity (, where he teaches people how to travel and run a solo business at the same time.  He sells Uncommon Guides to help these people and works his business from 20 countries each year.

Here are some of his steps for running a "very small business""

No employees and very little outsourcing:  Gillebeau does most of the work himself because "I don't want employees, assistants or clones in India to answer my email."  For him, the best way to deal with undesireable tasks "is to just not worry about doing them at all."

No customizing:  Gillebeau keeps his business "deliberately small" by nto making a dozen or so varienties of his products.  He quotes Henry Ford, who said of his Model T, "The can have any color they want, as long as it's black."

Focus on building good relationships and good cash flow:  Gillebeau taks to his customers and teir feedback helps him with new product creation.  Cash flow activities include sales and  offers to current customers.

Chris Gillebeau's other "unconventional" business steps can be found on the website Zen Habits (


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