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Very small business, very big deal

When the term "small business" is heard, one thinks of an entrepreneur with a few or many employees, a storefront or office space and plenty of machinery.  That may be the case sometimes, but according to the 2000 U.S. Census, there are over 20 million registered small businesses that cosists of only one person, usually working from home, maybe on a laptop, possibly with a cat.

Naomi Dunford is the head of IttyBiz, a marketing and advice service for one-person businesses.  "They're just trying to meet their salary; they're not trying to be Bill Gates," she said in an interview on the California-based radio show How She Really Does It.  She also said the Internet "made it that much cheaper" for people to start their own businesses.

Dunford herself works from home, and has since she started IttyBiz in 2007.  She doesn't believe in driving up her operating costs by buying a bunch of equipment and separating her workspace from the rest of the house:  "I still use my dining room table [to work on]; I eat dinner on my couch."  And her toddler son Jack is usually at that table when she works.

Naomi Dunford's small business marketing tools, advice and blog are on her website,  Sensitive viewers should approach with caution, though:  "I swear like a trucker," she says.


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