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Very Fetching Pet Care

Lucky smiling for the camera.
Lucky smiling for the camera.
Joe Zeiler

A lack of quality pet care in the Bay area prompted Paul Mann to start his own business in 2002. Since then, his business has grown to a presence in 39 states and most metropolitan areas.

In 2008, Joe Zeiler opened his Fetch! Pet Care franchise in Schaumburg, bringing quality and reliability to what once was a hit or miss experience for dog owners.

The difference with Fetch!

Joe went through extensive training to become a professional pet sitter, including a background check. He is fully bonded and insured. What he offers is professional pet services to give clients peace of mind when it comes to their pets. This is often less traumatic for pets, which makes them happier and healthier.

Their Services

Owners can choose from several services, but what usually happens is a service plan tailored to their unique needs and situations. Fetch! Offers multiple visits during the day, if that is required. For instance, if a pooch has been sick and needs medication throughout the day, but there is nobody home to administer the medication, Joe can. If Fido needs a walk, but his owner needs to work extra hours to keep their job, Joe is there to help.

Fetch! also offers overnights, weather it is at the dogs’ home or at a sitters’ house. And speaking of sitters, Joe has 17 people on staff. All have been professionally trained, background checked, bonded and insured before he will send them out on a job.

Clients are assigned a primary pet caregiver and there are always backups available if timing issues occur. Joe is very careful to match his employees to a client, thereby making sure that everyone is happy.