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Very cute

Your kid is, undoubtedly, an artist.  Your fridge is, assuredly, besmeared in art.  Your clothes have been, inevitably, put in the dryer with crayons.  Because your kid is an artist.

Newton made some falsely humble folderol about seeing further because he was standing on the shoulders of giants.  Well, bluh.  Maybe it helped that he was a genius.  (On some people, like Isaac Newton for example, humility is so inappropriate that it becomes self aggrandizing.) 

But in that same vein... if he was a genius for standing on the shoulders of giants, then these people are amazing artists for standing on the shoulders of children.  You should totally go there, but be warned that it is not an entirely kid friendly link.

And speaking of cuteness... my Goddess, who spent yesterday wearing her Sleeping Beauty dress, was dancing with Fey Nee's little girl.  Not, shake your whole body toddler dancing, but 1 hand clasped, the other around the waist, no joke dancing. 

Too.  Scream.  Cute.

Hey, here's a question.  So I try and teach my kids stuff, right?  Like, finding opportunities for teaching moments, creating opportunities if necessary.  Getting excited when they ask the right kinds of questions.  And maybe it sinks in, I don't really know.

But then last night, on the way home, we turn a corner and there's a guy with a stalled SUV and he's trying to push it by himself back into a parking lot, so the missus and I agree and she pulls over, I get out, I help push the car, other guys show up, we do this thing.  No big.  Just helping another human being, even if he is the kind of guy who drives a gas sucker with only 1 person in the car.  That's a personal choice thing.

But then I get back in the car and my kids have organized a parade / surprise birthday party in my honor, in the car, complete with a petty zoo and a clown doing balloon animals because I'm some kind of hero for helping this guy out and they wouldn't stop talking about how when they are older and someone needs help they are going to give them help.

Lesson (I didn't even know I was teaching) learned.


  • Memere 4 years ago

    Watch, Listen, Learn. Sometimes they learn the good and sometimes the not so good. We, the caretakers of these little jewels, must be ever so vigilant of our own words and actions so as not to teach the latter. They are a wondrous group. Children - their minds yet unfilled, absorbing all they see and hear. It is so beautiful watching them work out and mimic all that they are surrounded by. What a great lesson you subjected them to without even knowing it.

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