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Verruckt water slide: World's tallest, fastest slide opens in Kansas, 168 feet

The Verruckt water slide in Kansas is going to be known as the world’s tallest and fastest slide in the world. Speed and height enthusiasts everywhere are excited about the massive ride — which zooms in at an incredible 168 feet and seven inches high — which is already garnering some national attention for itself. The New York Daily News reveals this Thursday, July 3, 2014, that although a delay prevented the attraction from opening on its intended release date in late June, it is still set to open in the very near future.

Verruckt new water slide is the tallest in the world
Twitter Photo File, Oddity Central

Impending ride goers don’t need to worry about risking their lives on the Verruckt water slide, as the designer and engineer have recently uploaded a new video which proves that while the Kansas City slide may be a death-defying attraction, it won’t cause death to those who brave its lofty heights. Jeff Henry — the designer — and rising engineer John Schooley can be seen zooming down the 168 foot drop to the bottom in a raft, laughing and shouting all the way down.

These officials behind the greatly anticipated ride have reason to boast, however. Once the final adjustments and preparations have been completed, the Verruckt water slide will be the largest, tallest, and fastest slide of its kind in the entire world, which is quite the feat. Called the Verruckt for a reason — the world aptly translates to “insane” in the German language, so what does that tell you? — it was given the distinction as biggest water ride across the whole globe by officials from the Guinness Book of World Records back in May of 2014.

It is USA Today that reveals that videos have been released online which show the ride in its entirety, so for those anxious aficionados who simply can’t wait to take the Kansas plunge for themselves, it is possible to do so via the Web. So how fast does this “insane” water slide actually go? It tops at some pretty impressive speeds that have all been tested to be safe — anywhere between 45 miles per hour and 65 miles per hour. The rider’s overall weight and the type of weather that day make a difference regarding how fast you will cruise down on the raft. In the rapid plunge, the Verruckt takes its passengers past a massive drop and a 5-story jounce until you reach the bottom.

Apparently, the Verruckt water slide’s grand opening in Kansas was supposed to be planned for this June 29, but the 168 foot slide experienced some unexpected complications that delayed its premiere. Designer Jeff Henry has said that the delay was due to an error in the returning mechanism which works to bring the used rafts back to the top of the slide so new ride goers can take it for a spin (or is it drop?).

Literally thousands of practice tests, with everything from special weights to sandbags, have been conducted to prove that the ride is safely approved for mature riders. Unfortunately, however, depending on the passenger going on the attraction, the wind currents that day, and the overall weather, it is virtually “impossible” to calculate just how the water slide will perform on each individual ride. Yet for those looking to take a trip out to Kansas and those who have a love for the wild side, the Verruckt at the Kansas City park is one vacation destination you cannot miss later this summer. Do you have the guts to visit the tallest and fastest site of its kind in the whole world?

"You really don't know what will happen until you have water and ride it," concluded Henry excitedly.

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