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Veronica Mars takes over the world

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The time has finally arrived for all of the Marshmallows in the New York area and around the world; the Veronica Mars movie has finally been released. But that isn’t even the best part: the movie is actually good. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if this movie was just going to be something thrown together because the fans asked and paid for it or if it was going to be something worth watching and buying. But, for the followers of the show who are still on the fence about going to see it ,don’t be because this movie will remind you why this show was amazing when it first premiered in 2004 and was taken off the air too soon.

One of the main reasons that this turned out to be such a great movie is that the whole cast is back: Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars), Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas), Jason Doering (Logan Echolls), Percy Daggs III (Wallace), Francis Capra (Wevill) and Tina Majorino (Mac). Even some of the lesser characters are back and the actors easily fall back into the roles that they previously played. It is as if they have been playing these roles for the past 10 years nonstop.

Rob Thomas who wrote, directed and help kickstart the movie’s return, did an amazing job of evolving the characters, without taking away their loveable qualities, which is what makes this movie so real and amazing. Instead of Rob Thomas writing what he thinks the audience would want, like many writers mistakenly do sometimes, he wrote the characters how they should be. While Veronica, is still driven to solve the case, she also now understands that sometimes it isn’t always about the case, sometimes it is about the people involved in the case. Same goes for Wallace who is no longer just Veronica’s sidekick but seems to have a life of his own but will still steal a student’s file if Veronica asks. But the character that actually surprises in how much more likeable he is is Dick. In the show he was more annoying and a jerk, but in the movie all of that evolves into a a sarcastically fun person who wants to enjoy life but doesn’t seem like he does it at the expense of others anymore.

But as much as these characters have grown, they are still recognizable as the ones people fell in love with 10 years ago. Logan who has come a long way, still has his demons and still will punch his way into a girls heart defending her honor, but now he seems more mature about it (if that makes sense). It is as if Rob Thomas is trying to tell the audience, yes people change in 10 years, but really, fundamentally, all the reasons you loved them when they young and dumb are still there, their just more refined.

So if you watched the show faithfully and you loved the characters, you will not be disappointed with this movie. While everything doesn’t get wrapped up in a nice bow, many questions get answered and mysteries get solved. Plus this is a Veronica Mars movie, no one really thought it would have a big red boring bow at the end, did they?