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Veronica Ballestrini meets her 'Destiny'

A star was born in Waterford, Connecticut on October 29th, 1991; Veronica Ballestrini stepped into the music scene at just the early age of 13. She first got started with making a MySpace music page. She posted both cover songs and original songs and started gaining fans right away.

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Tour 2013

Ballestrini first started playing guitar and writing songs when she was 12 years old. She went to a Dolly Parton concert with her parents when she was in 5th grade and ever since then she knew music was her calling. Ballestrini said about Parton, “I saw her playing guitar and I thought to myself, 'that is awesome;' and it inspired me to want to learn how to play the guitar.”

The first song that Ballestrini ever wrote was called 'Daddy.' She was 12 years old when she wrote it. Ballestrini submitted the song to the USA World Showcase and won! This inspired her to want to continue writing music. “I remember I was watching the news; and I saw this little girl saying goodbye to her dad who was going over to Afghanistan, and I wondered to myself how that would feel, so I wrote a song inspired by that.”

When Ballestrini turned 16 years old her parents surprised her with a trip down to Nashville, Tennessee as her birthday present. Ballestrini said she went down to Nashville with her father to meet with a couple of music producers who had contacted her through her MySpace music page. The artist said nothing really became of those meetings with those producers.

Ballestrini and her dad spent the rest of their time down in Nashville site seeing and walking down 'Music Row.' 'Music Row' is a place where a lot of music producers and other different types of people in the music industry live. Ballestrini said she picked a random door and knocked on it, which is how she found her first producer at Evergreen Recording Studios.

In 2009 TimBob Records released Ballestrini's first album 'What I'm All About.' Still in high school at the time, Ballestrini said that she was still learning and growing as an artist' but she is very proud of herself and her accomplishments.“Sometimes I look back at the songs now and I'm like 'oh gosh!' but at the time, it was everything I was going through with life.” Her favorite song off of this album is called 'Destiny.' Ballestrini states that she was bullied a lot in high school so the song was about not listening to what others say and following her heart and staying true to herself.

Ballestrini said, “I don't hold grudges, but I'll see these girls out now and they'll be super nice to me; but it's always fake. I'll always remember how they made me feel when I started writing songs and posting them on MySpace. They were just super negative about it and it was hard on me. It made me cry.” In fact, Ballestrini has now learned to take the hate and turn it into something great. The singer said, “ you need haters and if you don't have any, then you aren't standing up for what you believe in.” In one of her songs she even says, “If they hatin' it, we ain't makin' it.”

After her album was released, Ballestrini appeared on a reality show produced by Simon Fuller. The show was aired in Beverly Hills, California it was called 'If I Can Dream.' Ballestrini said, “The show was a really cool experience, they hooked you up with a bunch of different writers. I also lived in a house with cameras everywhere so it was kind of creepy at times; they even watched me sleep ha-ha.”

Ballestrini also participated in the Mead-Five Star Music Insider Sweepstakes. It's an organization who asks different artists to post their YouTube video for a campaign they put together. Different children in schools then vote for the best artist; Ballestrini was in the top 12. She won $25,000 for this contest which was great for her! Ballestrini said she was able to put the money towards her music career.

Ballestrini got an email last year about doing a Ford Fiesta movement. She said a lot of people thought the email was a scam so they turned it down; but not Ballestrini. She was all over that! She said, “ I was like yeah! I'll have a free car for 8 months, and drive all around the country with free gas and insurance!” She and singer/songwriter John Vesely of Secondhand Serenade actually made a commercial about the movement. You can view the video on Veronica's YouTube page:

Ballestrini's first tour was called the 'Gotta Make a Change' tour and it took place in 2011. She said this tour mostly took place at summer camps and Girl Scout events, but it was very inspiring for her as an artist. Ballestrini stated, “Young kids are very much like...when you sing them songs, they look at you like...I mean I'm not a big deal; but they thought, 'Oh my God! Taylor Swift walked in the door.'” Ballestrini also said her song 'Destiny' actually helped a girl who wanted to commit suicide. “It was eye opening for me; I realized my music is bigger than about trying to get on the radio or get famous. It's about writing songs when I'm hurting so I can help someone else when they're hurting too” the singer said.

In the winter of 2013 Ballestrini went on her first “real tour” with Vesely and Juliet Simms of The Voice and Automatic Love Letter. Ballestrini said she enjoyed singing songs with Vesely and that she looks forward to writing more music with him and Ms. Simms. Ballestrini stated “Juliet is a cool chick! She just got to Nashville so we are going to be writing soon.”
Ballestrini's new album 'Flip Side' is due to come out the spring/summer of 2014. Her single 'Be My Reason' is up on iTune right now. Ballestrini said about the single, “I wrote this song because I always write so many sad songs. I wanted to write a song like...I want to feel the feeling that people talk about. I've never felt that feeling. I want a love like that. I want something that's real. Hopeless romantic looking for someone to 'be her reason.'”

Ballestrini's next single 'Guys Like You' will be coming out in March of 2014. The singer states that she actually wrote this song two years ago about an ex boyfriend so she is very excited for people to hear it. Ballestrini said, “The song started off as a really sad ballad, but then I was like, you know what? You were a big douche bag so I'm going to write an I hate you, this is what you do song. I remember when we started dating he would say,'Why do you write so many sad love songs?' and I was like, literally, this is why I write so many sad love songs.”

Ballestrini and Vesely recorded a duet together called 'By The Way.' The video got 80,000 views in just the first two months. Ballestrini said she is excited for the song to come out, but it will not be on her album, just Vesely's (Secondhand Serenade's) new album. Ballestrini reveals that she and the acoustic heart throb have been dating for almost a year now, but when they shot this video they only knew each other for two weeks so it was “awkward.”

So what is in store for Ms. Ballestrini in 2014? The singer will be going on tour this spring; the exact date is to be determined. She will also be shooting her music video for her song 'The Death of Me.' Now that Ballestrini has experienced a lot more in her life than she did in her first album, the singer states that she now knows exactly who she is; her songs are going to be more positive and about finding “the one.”

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