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Vernonia Friendship Jamboree is here

Vernonia Friendship Jamboree Logo
Vernonia Friendship Jamboree Logo
Vernonia Jamboree Committee

It’s August 1 and that means the Vernonia Friendship Jamboree is here. For the next three days, the small logging community will be filled with traffic, (both pedestrian and vehicular), activities and foods you’d find on a carnival fairway.

The organizers have a lot of activities to offer this year – music, a parade, the increasingly popular lawnmower races and even a kids’ fishing derby. Sunday, visitors will head to Hawkins Park to watch locals and professional loggers from other areas come together to compete in the annual Vernonia Friendship Jamboree Logging Show. After the logging show, watch the participants attempt to cross a log from one side of Rock Creek to the other – and try not to laugh as they enjoy the slippery challenge that sometimes leaves them drenched and laughing themselves.

On the first day of Jamboree, things are still fairly quiet. Visitors arrive, vendors and exhibitors work to get their spaces set up for the crush of people to come. At the lake, there’s a kids’ fishing derby; the community’s open air market is in the center of town and the Friends of the Library are holding their annual book sale. These events begin at 4 p.m., before a live magic show at 6 p.m. and an open mic event that runs from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Come on in and enjoy what this small town has to offer – maybe you’ll decide to stick around (or return) for Saturday’s parade or Sunday’s logging show.

The Vernonia Friendship Jamboree is organized by a group of dedicated volunteers and has been bringing the little town to life since 1957.