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Vermont is Ranked Number One Nationwide in Solar Jobs per Capita.

The Solar Foundation (TSF) that tracks employment in the solar industry has ranked Vermont number one in the country in solar jobs per capita with 1,300.

TSF has reported that nationwide we have 148,698 solar related jobs, up by 24,000 since 2012. The two states behind Vermont were California and Arizona with 47,223 and 8,558 respectively. New England added 25,000 solar jobs and now employs 20% of the US solar workforce. Other states have moved up in the rankings with Florida moving up from 12 to 7, New York from 7 to 5, North Carolina from 18 to 10 and Texas from 8 to 6.

Vermont has set a goal to be 90% renewable energy by 2050. Governor Shumlin offered his congratulations saying: “I could not be more proud to share the news that Vermont is now ranked number one in solar jobs per capita.”

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