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Vermont Country Store: it's real, it's got food and Valentine's Day sex toys!

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Have you ever gotten the Vermont Country Store catalog? It's a treasure trove of hard-to-find, "practical" items from the past -- perhaps they're not commonly in distribution in the USA anymore, etc. I smile at the memory of scents, flavors . . . Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, Bubble Up, Black Jack. My husband jokingly calls the collection, "Crap you didn't want in the '70's at triple the price."

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Well, Vermont Country Store is a real place! I just visited the original store in Weston, Vermont. It's a family store in operation since 1945. The operation is huge, with lunch and ice cream place on site. The wooden barn structure is lit inside with nostalgic sepia tones.

The food department has a lot more than just cherished penny candy brands: there are wines and artisan, specially commissioned local cheeses, fudge, European cookies and other gourmet goodies. Gleefully, they have lots of sampling. Of course, the kitchy stuff also lives: Postum, Bosco (next to Guittard!), Fartless Black Bean Salsa.

In the catalog, they've got something surprising amongst the Lanz flannel nighties: a bunch of sex toys! Though my husband wondered what kind of sex toys Vermont Country Store would carry -- a roll of Necco wafers, perhaps? -- they seem to be the real thing. That's something XXX rated for after your Valentine's Day dinner. I'm dying to know their demographic/marketing info! I suppose some people are more comfortable with their postal carrier dropping off packages from Vermont Country Store, opposed to other companies . . .

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