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Vermeil Gruden: Dick Vermeil thinks Jon Gruden would be a winner again in NFL

A Gruden comeback?
Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Dick Vermeil and Jon Gruden had much different coaching styles in the NFL, but the mild going Vermeil thinks Gruden could come back and still be a winner. Vermeil actually thinks Gruden could be even better than he was after taking a few seasons off from the game.

According to a Yahoo! report on July 15, Dick Vermeil walked away from the game he loved at age 46 after seven years as a head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Vermeil returned to coach in the NFL when he was 61 years old - and he led the Rams to a Super Bowl win.

Vermeil told Sirius XM Radio (h/t to Pro Football Talk) that he thinks Gruden still has the fire in his tank and believes he will make a return to the sidelines one day. Vermeil went on to admit he had a few regrets year's down the road and believes if Gruden has any he should get back in the game before it's too late.

One thing is for sure, every year at this time fans start to whisper about who they would want to coach their favorite team if they needed a new front man - and 9 times out of 10 Jon Gruden is in the conversation.

“No question, he’s a hell of a lot better coach than I am, and a lot smarter,” Vermeil said of Gruden. “I think he would be very successful. I hope he does come back, because I like him a lot.”

Gruden has stayed in the public eye and actually become more popular than ever as an ESPN Monday Night Football announcer and pre-draft analyst. While many ex-coaches and players hit the booth after walking away from the game, Gruden still gives off the feel that not only could he still coach and win a Super Bowl, he wants too.

The rumors will always swirl when it comes to Jon Gruden and other coaches like Bill Cowher and Tony Dungy. However you just get the feeling that Vermeil may be right when it comes to a Gruden return. It just seems like a guy like Gruden will eventually want another shot at a title, and many teams who will be in need of a coach would love to give him that opportunity.

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