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Verlin Short, 'Snake Man of Appalachia' arrested for drug trafficking


Police arrested Verlin Short, from the TV reality show, “Snake Man of Appalachia” for drug trafficking. WYMT reports that Verlin was arrested on April 15, 2014 along with several others.

According to Sheriff Danny Webb of Letcher County, Verlin was one of 16 people that law enforcement went after. He said, “This is one way law enforcement can deal with [drugs], make arrests for people that’s actually selling the drugs."

He wants everyone in his county to know that "If you’re selling pills, you don’t know who you’re selling them to. Always remember that you could be recorded or someone could be watching you at the time.”

Others arrested on April 15, 2014 for various drug charges are, William Adams, Steve Waddell, Bennett Kincer, Cynthia Adams, William Adams, Tim Adams, Oscar Craft, John Coomer and Angel Coomer.

According to The Mountain Eagle, Verlin of Pine Creek at Mayking was a coal miner who lost his job. Unable to find steady employment, he would attend church services where snakes are handled. He and his family often caught copperheads and rattlesnakes, which are native in Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. He had over 40 snakes that he kept as pets and he would use them in religious services.

Verlin is married to Reva and they have four children, Denishea, Wanda, and twins Jeremiah and Mackenzie. He and his family made their debut on Animal Planet two years ago. The “Snake Man of Appalachia” no longer airs on Animal Planet.

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