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Verizon FIOS promotion code - Telecommunication services

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The customer's requirement for Internet connection, Crystal clear TV and voice service is provided by Verizon network. It uses the fiber optical system for communication and entertainment purposes. This network supports the digital needs to a large extent.

It is all about internet, telephone and television access that is operated over the fiber optic communication network. Video, voice and data travel over three different wavelengths in the infrared band of the spectrum. A single mode fiber is transmitted from optical terminal at the FiOScentral hub and is distributed over 32 subscribers. Then with the help of Optical Network Terminal, the data is transferred in home wiring for internet, TV and phone. Verizon provides speed and entertainment to their customers and develop their network in such a way that more and more people avail the services offered by them. The upload speed is made equal to the download speed which attracts the customer and gives them a satisfying experience with video chats, sharing of pictures, files and videos.

What is FiOS?

FiOS stands for Fiber Optic Service which is a fiber used in telecommunication services offered by Verizon to their customers. Some people call it as fiber to the home as well, because of its accessibility to each and every home. There are various packages offered by Verizon which has high speed internet access with the cable TV and telephone services. This network mostly offers the landline communication services in phone and is highly reliable in its service.

How to install FiOS and get it started?

Verizon will send one technician that will check if any cable needs to be installed and where they can be placed in your house. The technician will install ONT in basement or garage area and will set up the router with all the necessary wirings and jacks required. If a customer has an existing telephone connection, it will be transferred to the Verizon FiOS network. This transferring of network does not involve any extra fee.

Verizon FiOS Installation Requirements

There are few basic requirements like operating system, network adapter, USB port, network interface card and connection ports which are needed before hand in order to make the installation successful.

Using FiOS

Once the installation by the technician is completed, he will give a thorough demo on how the product works. The installation equipment will have a welcome kit which will provide the customer with all the necessary information needed by them.

Promotional Codes

There are many discount coupons which are available on the Verizon websites and one can apply these coupons to save money. They can also bundle two or more deals or services provided by the Verizon network. Click here to see more Verizon FIOS promotions and deals which offer Triple Play, Double Play, etc. which customers can avail and save huge amount of money. All a customer needs to do is picking up the code amongst the pool. Once decided, read the directions carefully and then apply the same at the time of checkout. This network offers great deals and packages for all kind of customers.