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Verizon debuts the Motorola Droid X at the Chicago Hard Rock Hotel

Droid X in my hard. Yes, it's big.On June 23rd I was lucky enough to attend the launch party of the Motorola Droid X. The actual press conference was held in New York City, but we had our own party here in Chicago at the Hard Rock Hotel and watched via remote streaming. In just 3 days the long-awaited new version of the Droid will be released. The Droid X is Evo competition for those that prefer the Verizon network, and iPhone 4 competition for those that refuse to switch to AT&T (or want to leave AT&T).

Well, all comparisons aside, the Droid X can definitely hold it’s own against the competition. The full featured sexy device boasts many features that some did not think would be in a smart phone for quite a while.

From the 8mp camera to the 720p HD video recording capabilities, the multimedia features make this phone stand out from the rest. Couple that with super fast response times, full featured email, and several apps available to complete just about any task that you might need and the Droid X may convince you to leave your laptop AND netbook at home.

I was lucky enough to receive a Droid X from Verizon after the launch. I totally did not expect to receive a device! I have really enjoyed using this phone, and I am seriously considering keeping it activated after my review period is up. I know that my iPhone 3Gs has been jealous. :)

My full review is posted over on Please check it out.


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